ClayClay of Fès , Morocco Zellige

Mosaic Tiles


    is a type of fine grained natural soil material that we found from many many years ago in a small mountains in the city of Fes,Morocco . we start by taking off small pieces of the mountain to get the best quality of clay we can , at the past the handcrafts were only using there hands and some basic tools to get the clay but now a days we have big machines to do it for us .

    after we have the proper amount of clay we want we take it to the factory so that we start production to make the best tile , zellige you can aver find . we start by adding water and mixing the mixture very nice until we have the perfect dough . after that the fun part comes , we mold the dough to the size our client what’s -not to forget that we can make any size you would like – than we let it sit and dry under the sun .

     the last part is what you see in the picture you have a very solid shape made out of pure clay and ready to be color and install at your home