Terms & Conditions Morocco Zellige - More Zellige more prestige

  1. Prices SPT port USA, AUSTRALIA, CANADA and EUROPE according to the incoterms of 2020.
  2. The customer will be informed by post or email if the prices suddenly change by any reason, but overall the prices are valided for one year.
  3. All new prices will be sent by post or email for additional transportcost when it’s fully loaded will occur , and the prices are per full container.
  4. For the fine art 20 euro plus for the film or glue per m2.
  5. Prices for a full 20 ft container of 10 pallette with 65 boxes.
  6. A privet label can be produced for a 3% extra price.
  7. If the orders are in a regular basis a discount is an option after 1 year.
  8. Estimated production time for a 20ft container is 10 days. Except in the rainy season.
  9. Small variations in the sizes and colors can happen because of the nature of the fired clay.
  10. The production time is changeable in winter and summer because the weather plays a big role in the making process of the tile.
  11. The imperfect tiles are a part of the artisanal handcraft.
  12. Our website and catalogue are only to give you an indication of the colours and models. For more information please feel free to contact us we will be happy to assist you.
  13. Samples are for free receiver pays only the international courier.
  14. All official documents and licenses issued by the Moroccan governement can be sent.
  15. The showrooms are an option of the marketing tool.
  16. For the payment terms, it’s a T/T, 50% before production and 50% on the loading date. They can be flexible after more orders.
  17. Special big projects equals special better conditions.
  18. Prices included in our quotes remain valid for 30 days unless explicity and specifically mentioned in the quotation.
  19. We make reservations with regard to any misprints or errors.
  20. Morocco Zellige is liable for any copyright on the patterns or models that has to be re-produced for the international and the national market.
  21. All models and patterns can be used by a third party .But please before using it inform us by an email.
  22. By placing an order means understanding and accepting our termes and conditions.
  23. Cancelling or changing an order can be done within 72 hours (3 days) after the PO by email.
  24. Since we work with special orders we can not refund any placed order after the reflection time.