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Mosaic Tiles

The process of making Zellige

    Tile ,or as we call it zellige are made from clay found in the city of Fez, Morocco. After a grid is formed, artisans then press the mixture into squares and let it dry out to form slabs. The craftsmen use a shaping block and hammer to smooth the zellige and cut it into a more precise shape and different sizes.

    After that the fun part comes the coloring, the craftsmen are really good at what they do because what ever color you want the can make it , it can take some time but the final result can blow your mind . Like this couple of photos choose that we have a very good quality and also a big catalog you can choose from it .

    To summarize everything above , morocco zellige can offer you all the things that can help you decorate you home , work space or even your garden with a nice price and good quality.